Valentine's Girl by Mindless Behavior - Video Tutorial - ver.1



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Valentine's Girl

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What's New?

Anastacia - I'm Outta Love (ver.1)29/03/15
Anastacia - Love is a Crime (ver.1)29/03/15
Anastacia - One Day in Your Life (ver.1)29/03/15
Anastacia - One More Chance (ver.1)29/03/15
Anastacia - Paid My Dues (ver.1)29/03/15
Ed Sheeran - Tenerife Sea (ver.2)25/03/15
Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like you Do (ver.2)25/03/15
Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (ver.2)25/03/15
Calvin Harris - Summer (ver.5)25/03/15
Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up (ver.8)22/03/15
Vanessa Amorosi - Shine (ver.1)22/03/15
Vanessa Carlton - Wanted (ver.1)22/03/15
Imagine Dragons - Shots (ver.2)18/03/15
One Direction - 18 (ver.1)18/03/15
Ed Sheeran - Photograph (ver.1)18/03/15
Imagine Dragons - Warriors (ver.3)18/03/15
Twenty One Pilots - Fairly Local (ver.1)18/03/15
A Great Big World - Say Something (ver.6)16/03/15
Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me (ver.1)08/03/15
Destiny's Child - Survivor (ver.2)08/03/15
Destiny's Child - Independent Woman (ver.1)08/03/15
Ed Sheeran - Afire Love (ver.1)08/03/15
Ed Sheeran - Even My Dad does Sometimes (ver.1)06/03/15
Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (ver.1)06/03/15
Nate Ruess - Nothing Without love (ver.1)06/03/15
Cashmere Cat ft Ariana Grande - Adore (ver.1)06/03/15
Taylor Swift - Style (ver.2)06/03/15
Be Prepared - The Lion King (ver.1)06/03/15
Jessie J - Masterpiece (ver.1)01/03/15
A Great Big World ft Christina Aguilera - Say Something (ver.6)01/03/15
John Legend - All Of Me (ver.9)01/03/15
Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love (ver.3)01/03/15
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (ver.5)01/03/15
Taylor Swift - Blank Space (ver.6)01/03/15
Jennifer Lopez - Feel The Light (ver.1)26/02/15
The Prodigy - Wild Frontier (ver.1)26/02/15
Kelly Clarkson - Run Run Run (ver.1)26/02/15
Maroon 5 - Sugar (ver.3)24/02/15
Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like you Do (ver.1)24/02/15
Beatles - The - Come Together (ver.2)24/02/15
Nicki Minaj - Grand Piano (ver.1)24/02/15
Kelly Clarkson - Invincible (ver.1)24/02/15

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